Movie (Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola) – my views..

I Watched this very Simple, cute, Funny, yet a Meaningful Project by Vishal Bharadwaj.. Well to me, movies seem to be a kind of project, for which a team works to do lots of planning ( working on a idea, turning it into a story, working on small concepts, arranging the resources required by story)  and management; inorder to assure its 99% success(rest 1% is upto the Audience, a crucial point that can make a Movie a success or a failure in terms of Monetary benefits)…

MKBKM represents a Collective picture of Rural & Urban India.. How a single piece of Land may mean different things to a Village person and a City person.. Thus Sharing a common platform,the Indian Villager, the  African Villager, the Corporate person, the Politician, Youth of today…. All together it turns out to be a beautiful movie..

This movie includes many things prevailing in current scenario in India… A man ( the Key Person) having Split moods – 1. Rude, Stone heart, Intelligent and Complete Businessman 2. Simple, Soft Heart, Intelligent, Practical and cutely stupid.. – this character thus explains the mindset of certain people who cannot listen to their heart normally while taking important decisions.

A youth of today ( 3 types) – 1. the Revolutionist.. who is intelligent, practical, yet emotional… having good understanding of the problems ( and its solutions too) faced by the Weaker group(the Villagers who are Simple minded and are being fooled by the Business group and the Politicians).. thus holds the torch of enlightenment to show the truth.. 2. the one living a false life by not listening to heart, yet a caring person for the weaker group.. but gradually comes to confront the truth and self.. 3. The ambitious one- can do anything for progress of self by just falsely presenting himself in front of others..

Movie also shows how rich people use poor ones(buying Africans without their knowledge that they have sold themselves;just to get the Live Folk African Music for 30 long years) for their Entertainment-I related it to the Slavery System that still prevails in this World despite of all kind of revolutions & debates carried out to curb this ill from world….. then the UFO thing with media’s involvement at such times.. the Conspiracy of the stronger group to harm the Crops of weaker ones;where the weaker ones use their own simple ways to fight them using the Gobar Weapons… these things are depicted with such a humor that you will automatically get a smile on your lips..

The Plight of Indian Farmers in  rainy season has been shown by using a full song.. during this song i started thinking that really this problem is so big in India and must be looked upon by responsible people.. It will thus help in resolving the problem of shortage of grains, thus by avoiding its wastage.. Farmers who put in all their efforts and money to grow their crops, become so helpless due to unseen nature destruction.. After all, Farmers are the one who give us bread to eat.. How can they be ignored..

A little Love story also happens taking Shakespeare’s Lines, beneath the War, that emerges between the Farmers fighting for their land to earn their livelihood, and the Businessman who dreams of growing a Jungle of Concrete on their lands to live his dream..

finally the key person comes face to face with reality, and without taking any other means to let out what his heart says,
takes a tough and strong stand, thus making it a happy ending for the villagers and himself too..

Dry day, Psychology of a human beings,Corporate world politics – playing with the Indian Government System & style;Farmers; Corporate for self interest, Typical Rich people, glimpse of slavery system, Mocking few silly Media ways( however nowadays our media has evolved to take a Sincere Role in India) situation of Indian farmers, a little flirting, a little romance..

Plus in very simple way, serious issue like Rich and Poor marriage & Honor Killing were also mentioned in the most simplistic and humorous ways by just mentioning the names…The Pink Buffalo also plays an important role and adds more fun to the movie..

I found this movie really good, a Big serious issue was presented in such a way that it seemed to go on serious note at one point, but then suddenly, turned out to be a Comedy.. So i term this movie as a Serious & Emotional Comedy.. Really Appreciative Work..