Passion and Interest….. Is there any difference???

Before going ahead with any other description of these, i.e. Passion and Interest, let us get a clear idea of the definitions of the same through dictionary.

Passion: A strong feeling or emotion; the trait of being intensely emotional; something that is desired intensely; any object of warm affection or devotion

Interest: A sense of concern with and curiosity about someone or something; a reason for wanting something done; a diversion that occupies one’s time and thoughts (usually pleasantly).
passion6There is a very favorite question of the Interviewers viz. What is the difference between Passion and Interest?

And 90% of the Interviewees flunk here….

The question is that why does it happen? Why Interviewees are not clear about this concept?

Why the answer to this question is not clear in the mind of them is because they themselves do not know whether they are pursuing their interest or their passion as they are unaware whether they are behind getting just a Job or to create a Career.

“Interest is something you pursue out of curiosity, and passion is something that you pursue due to a strong desire that compels you to do it.”

And the Interviewers are smart enough to catch the people at this point, as they get to know that whether the aspirant is seeking this Job as an Interest or as a Passion.

Let us now dig a little deeper with the help of tools called as examples, steps and methods; in order to get a clearer picture of it. We may have interest in multiple activities, but we are passionate for only one (or few) activity only.

For example, Tom says that, “I like to swim, read books, dance, cook; but I am so passionate for reading books, that, nothing can stop me from doing that.” This statement by Tom gives the explanation about the concept of Passion and Interest.

Choosing right career…

Understanding this concept is not important just to answer the question asked during the Interview, but it is also important in order to choose the right career. Thus every graduate must learn to align his interest area with his passion, so as to create a wonderful career. Otherwise a person would end up doing a job in such area which may not interest him at all at a later time in his professional life, as “Interests may change.”

 How to create a successful career path for oneself?

  1. Do proper research about all of the interest areas with respect to the professional competencies/ skills related to the particular domain.
  2. Then ask yourself a question that whether you would do that job even without getting paid for it. And if the answer is “Yes”, that means you have discovered your passion among your interests.

For example an Engineering graduate is very passionate about coding and development, the right option for him/ her would be the profile of a Developer and not a Tester or Quality analyst.

 Passion has been rightly defined by Oprah Winfrey“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”


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