The tricky questions @ HR Interviews


Quite often many Job Aspirants have to face some similar type of questions viz.

  • Why there is a gap in your education. Explain.
  • Why you have diverted from that particular stream to this one.
  • Why aren’t you earning more at your age?
  • What are your plans for getting married? – For Female candidates who are single.

And just like this many questions are there, wherein the candidate has to answer regarding such type of things related to his/ her personal life. Most of the candidates get stuck at this point and fail to give a convincing answer.

Why in the first place students cannot give a proper answer to this?

The answer is that first they either feel bad or guilty about it. They feel as if they are being pin pointed by the Interviewer by asking such type of questions.

But the truth is that the Interviewer just wants you to justify your candidature by convincing him. Thus prepare very good and convincing answers for such type of questions already, so that you don’t keep struggling to find and give the reasons and explanations on the spot.

  • The Gap issue – You need to give logical, valid or acceptable reason, e.g. Family issues, health issues etc.
  • Choosing different stream – Give a strong and practical reason, e.g. you can tell them this was one of the interests that turned into your passion.
  • Earning less at your age – Apply some logic in your career story and give an unattackable answer.
  • Getting married; Is that an issue? – You need to convince the Interviewer that taking up this job is not a matter of choice, but your preference. Be diplomatic and say “No plans for getting married as of now”

Also, never give a very lengthy and boring answer. It is advised not to keep beating around the bush. Follow the rule of KISS – Keep It Short & Simple.

Last but not the least, “Be honest but diplomatic too”.


One thought on “The tricky questions @ HR Interviews

  1. Very nice, To paint up my Linkedin wall, I was just referring some quality profiles and made a hit to yours.. eventually landed to your blog amazingly writer ma’am. and that ‘Unattackable answer !!’ 😀 :D…purani yaade taza hui!!!


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