Being Politic(logic)al

Once a Pravachan(religious preaching) was going on. A Saint (aka Muni Maharaj in Hindi) was answering the queries by his followers.

I would be describing a little about the Maharaj, as it would give a comprehensive idea about the substance in that. He is a part of such religious group that strongly believes in giving-up of ‘Moh-Maya’( all the relations, feelings of love, hatred, money, luxuries, attachments etc.)

2 major questions were put up by the followers:

Question 1 – Why is it so that the Rich people are always given the preference of doing the Pooja on the basis of the amount of money they are ready to donate? Why are the poor people deprived of it? Is it so that because they do not have money, they do not stand a chance to earn the Punya Karma?

The answer was something very …………..  I would leave this upto reader’s understanding and liking-ness for the answer.

Answer – First I have question for you. Which is one of the major source of spreading Paap(the bad deeds/ actions)? That’s Money, and the other factors are also there, no doubt. But, Rich people are the ones who have money in abundance and can put that on things which may not be good ones. So it is better to divert that into a right direction by allowing them to spend that money on Religious things and thus they are given the benefit for that. Thus, this is not partiality, but it is a way to protect the poor from the atrocities of Rich, by caging them inside the Temples.

Question 2 – Why do you always prefer to give more time to talk with Rich and influential people? Why do you ignore the followers, who are from middle or lower class or are less good at accomplishing the given tasks? As you are not supposed to have any Raag or Dwesh(Attachment or Enmity) for anyone, then, why more fondness for them?

The question seemed to be very tough, even to me when I heard, but when Maharaj ji gave the answer very easily, I was just awestruck…

Answer – The reason is, that if I can definitely give everyone more time to everyone, but on condition that, there has to be a fruitful outcome of it. That is, if I will talk to a Rich person for half an hour, I can convince that person to put the surplus amount he has, into some project for propagation of the middle and lower class, which in turn would be better for everyone. But, if I do a meeting with a person who does not have money, will I get anything done? Now, you can decide for yourself that whether I am being partial or there is another reason behind it.

Let us put this example in the today’s scenario!!!

Q1 For development of our country, where should we focus, what should be done?

-A common answer would be – Eradicating poverty

Q2 How to eradicate Poverty?

-Focus on People with less or no Money (Education, skills oriented training, creation of jobs, providing required facilities)

Q3 How to Focus on them?

-Make plans for giving the required facilities; execute the Plans for sure.

Q4 Who will do this?

-The Government

Q5 How will Government do that??


Q6 How does the Government get that?


Q7 Taxes come from whom??

-The Tax payers

Q8 Who can be a TAX-PAYER??

A person who earns above a certain defined limit

Higher the income, higher the taxes, and higher the contribution to the Money owned by Government, which can be used for development of the Deprived Population.

Thus, the equation says that the money is going to come through Taxes.


Q9 How the Government will ensure that these people will continue to give a good amount from their earning as TAX?

-Flexibility of procedures, facility for growth and expansion and other benefits to make them motivated for continuing to do the good work


Q10 Does that mean we need to ignore the people who have less or no money?

-No we can’t and we won’t.

There are two parts of India

1Rural India – 70% Population

2Urban India – 30% Population

Rural – Farmers with own land(Rich ones), Farmers who work for others, People with other occupation but earning less

Urban – Entrepreneurs (Rich & less Rich), Several Servicemen(Top, Middle & Lower Management), others(very less or no money)

There is a statement which is getting viral nowadays,


Is this possible??? Without giving ‘Excellent Facilities’ to the sector that brings the Money for creating facilities for the 70% Population , can we develop the ‘NEEDY PEOPLE???

So, let us start thinking in the direction so that the both types of Population in India are benefitted.

There would be nothing to eat if the Farmers stop growing Food (the top priority for every Human Being) and are not able to earn an amount that gives them a comfortable lifestyle that they deserve.

So, to strike a balance, the sector-Business Industry- that can contribute to development of Rural India, also needs the scope for its growth.”


Our Farmers are empowered with latest ‘Techniques and Facilities’ for increasing the productivity of their Land and the Produce, so that they can utilize that to increase their Income-that should suffice their ‘Hard-Work’.

-The Entrepreneurs should feel safe about their Future-Prospects in India, and do not leave their Mother-land in search of better facilities abroad.

-More initiatives to be taken for betterment of the Industrial Sector that can give the essential element, i.e. MONEY for the overall Development of Country; as well as creation of more ‘Jobs’ to curb the unemployment ratio in India

-People with MONEY should be motivated to put in more efforts for upliftment of the Needy people by organizing some campaigns to ‘Teach & Train’ the YOUTH OF INDIA, so that they don’t have to succumb to any other ways to earn money for livelihood.

A very meaningful quote for today’s Politicians: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

To develop India, People do not just need the ‘Readymade-Facilities’, they need to be empowered to use their capabilities to utilize the Facilities and create the opportunities for themselves!