The Girl who always believed in – “God was, is and will be always with Me”

The Girl… I will just address her with this name.. The Girl..

She was born, with a dusky complexion, though she always loved it(when she started understanding such things), but not everyone. But she was lucky that her Parents loved her very much.

When she was just a newborn, initially the relatives(sort of a Joint Family) never liked to look at her really as she wasn’t fair complexioned. But, as she started growing all the same people started liking her as she started exhibiting some qualities of her Father(talkative and cheerful person); also she had received the innocent smile and nice features from her Mother.

Whenever she used to say something funny, if that made people laugh, she used to start forming a belief that, this is something good that I should keep doing. So she used to find out ways to make people laugh and that was a sign of them being happy that was because of her( her firm belief). So it became a motto of her life – “To make everyone Happy”.

Apart from trying to please everybody, she also created a world of her own. That was a world, where she was all alone and kept talking to herself and God. Though she had her younger sister and many cousins, with whom she could play to the content of her heart. But, because of such her self-created-world, she was not able to connect completely with all( though it never was visible to anyone as she used to get completely mixed up with them when they all were together, so no one could just see the difference).

The Self-created-world:

Her best friend – God; Best time pass – just thinking and wondering about her existence in the world, reading stories, watching TV, playing outdoor games.

Though she appeared to be an extrovert when she was with her family at home, but when she was outside her home, she was an introvert for others. Probably the reason was that according to her she wasn’t enough well-mannered for the outside world. Her Grand-father had begun everything from a scratch and they all had seen a very basic lifestyle throughout(however she loved and respected everyone and everything). According to her, she couldn’t fit-in well in the outside world. So she tended to stay quiet in front of any outsiders.

She had some unique interests in contrast to her siblings and cousins. She had a love for languages(Sanskrit, Hindi, English); repeating the 2 liners of the Advertisements; trying to be near to perfect in reading and saying aloud the things clearly; remembering jokes so that can utilize that to make people laugh; to try to be perfect in everything except cooking and dressing etiquette.

She had love for Movies and also loved singing, dancing, outdoor games. She never tried to be a leader but somehow, she had the charisma that made people to gather around her when she used to start talking. She always enjoyed those moments and lived them to the fullest.

_So this is a little about her Self-Created World. Not everything can be written in words always._

Readers will get to know bit by bit a little more with other posts.. !!!  Keep reading to know more!!! Do post comments to give feedback; it enables the writer to understand the taste of the readers.



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