Talent V/S Attitude


Is “Talent” more important, or the “Positive Attitude”?

Everyone knows about the famous Mythological story of Eklavya and Dronacharya; when Eklavya showed unmatched dedication for his Guru.
Guru Drona used to train the children from Royal families, in Archery, weaponry and Martial arts. He was appointed to train the Kaurava and the Pandava Princes.

Arjun was the favourite student of Dronacharya. Arjun being very talented mastered the art of Archery. The Guru was very proud of his student and trained him to become the best Archer in the world.
One day Eklavya, who was the son of a soldier, approached Guru Drona and expressed his wish to learn Archery from him, as Drona was the best Trainer for Archery. But the Guru declined his request as he was not from a Royal family.

Though deeply hurt, Eklavya, being self determined with the will to master archery made the statue of Dronacharya, whom he considered his Guru. He started his self study of Archery, with disciplined practice and continued the same for many years.
Eventually, he became the best Archer with exceptional skills, even better than Drona’s best Pupil, Arjun.

After finding the fact that Eklavya was better than Arjuna, Drona became so insecure that he had to make a cruel request of asking for the thumb of Eklavya as Gurudakshina so that no one can be a better archer than Arjun.

So, the crux of this story is;
Talent when combined with the opportunity definitely takes a person towards success. This was the case of Arjun, who had the talent and got the opportunity.
But when a Talent is rendered alone without any opportunity – that happened with Eklavya, “Talent was disappointed”; then it is the Positive attitude, which helps one to convert disappointments and rejections into something constructive and excel to become the “Best”, just like Eklavya did.

He did no negative thinking; filled himself with determination and strong will and became the best Archer even without a Trainer, on the basis of his devotion for the Guru and the skill.

Thus, it has been rightly said, “It’s Attitude, not the Aptitude, which determines Altitude”.