The tricky questions @ HR Interviews


Quite often many Job Aspirants have to face some similar type of questions viz.

  • Why there is a gap in your education. Explain.
  • Why you have diverted from that particular stream to this one.
  • Why aren’t you earning more at your age?
  • What are your plans for getting married? – For Female candidates who are single.

And just like this many questions are there, wherein the candidate has to answer regarding such type of things related to his/ her personal life. Most of the candidates get stuck at this point and fail to give a convincing answer.

Why in the first place students cannot give a proper answer to this?

The answer is that first they either feel bad or guilty about it. They feel as if they are being pin pointed by the Interviewer by asking such type of questions.

But the truth is that the Interviewer just wants you to justify your candidature by convincing him. Thus prepare very good and convincing answers for such type of questions already, so that you don’t keep struggling to find and give the reasons and explanations on the spot.

  • The Gap issue – You need to give logical, valid or acceptable reason, e.g. Family issues, health issues etc.
  • Choosing different stream – Give a strong and practical reason, e.g. you can tell them this was one of the interests that turned into your passion.
  • Earning less at your age – Apply some logic in your career story and give an unattackable answer.
  • Getting married; Is that an issue? – You need to convince the Interviewer that taking up this job is not a matter of choice, but your preference. Be diplomatic and say “No plans for getting married as of now”

Also, never give a very lengthy and boring answer. It is advised not to keep beating around the bush. Follow the rule of KISS – Keep It Short & Simple.

Last but not the least, “Be honest but diplomatic too”.


Talent V/S Attitude


Is “Talent” more important, or the “Positive Attitude”?

Everyone knows about the famous Mythological story of Eklavya and Dronacharya; when Eklavya showed unmatched dedication for his Guru.
Guru Drona used to train the children from Royal families, in Archery, weaponry and Martial arts. He was appointed to train the Kaurava and the Pandava Princes.

Arjun was the favourite student of Dronacharya. Arjun being very talented mastered the art of Archery. The Guru was very proud of his student and trained him to become the best Archer in the world.
One day Eklavya, who was the son of a soldier, approached Guru Drona and expressed his wish to learn Archery from him, as Drona was the best Trainer for Archery. But the Guru declined his request as he was not from a Royal family.

Though deeply hurt, Eklavya, being self determined with the will to master archery made the statue of Dronacharya, whom he considered his Guru. He started his self study of Archery, with disciplined practice and continued the same for many years.
Eventually, he became the best Archer with exceptional skills, even better than Drona’s best Pupil, Arjun.

After finding the fact that Eklavya was better than Arjuna, Drona became so insecure that he had to make a cruel request of asking for the thumb of Eklavya as Gurudakshina so that no one can be a better archer than Arjun.

So, the crux of this story is;
Talent when combined with the opportunity definitely takes a person towards success. This was the case of Arjun, who had the talent and got the opportunity.
But when a Talent is rendered alone without any opportunity – that happened with Eklavya, “Talent was disappointed”; then it is the Positive attitude, which helps one to convert disappointments and rejections into something constructive and excel to become the “Best”, just like Eklavya did.

He did no negative thinking; filled himself with determination and strong will and became the best Archer even without a Trainer, on the basis of his devotion for the Guru and the skill.

Thus, it has been rightly said, “It’s Attitude, not the Aptitude, which determines Altitude”.

First Impression or the Next…

Story no. 1

There was a guy, Arak. He lived in a small Village and earned his bread and butter via raising cattle. One day he had some work and he happened to visit one of his closest friend, Raks who lived nearby. As he entered the premises he saw Raks was scolding his Father very badly. Arak felt very bad, but did not say anything. He knew Raks as a very kind heart and polite person. He thought of discussing this with Raks after few days. Continued…..

Story no. 2

Arak, an Engineering graduate, had to go for an interview. When he reached the destination, he saw this elegant building and premises, he happily walked through the receptionist and entered the Interview room; but he was shocked to see the interviewer; his clothes were a bit muddy,but the body language was very royal. However the interview went very well and Arak was offered the Offer-letter. But after reaching home he started thinking about his Interviewer(Mr. Sinha). Continued…..

Story no. 3

Once, a girl Anjni, had to go to a new school, standard 8th. On the very first day, she met her Teacher. Anjni was very Shy and did not speak much to her classmates. Everyone thought maybe she is very rude and arrogant. Anjni also did not attend the school regularly. Days passed. Anjni could not gain a single friend. First Class test came and passed. Anjni did not do much good in that. Her Class Teacher thought of her as an average student having no interest in studies. One day Anjni felt that that she needed notes from other students of class. So she asked for favor from a girl, Shravanika who lived near her house. Like this, Anjni atleast interacted with someone from her class. Shravanika when became a little open to her, told Anjni that, ” do not you feel that no one in our class realizes your absence when you do not come to school. Anjni then thought of opening up everything to her newly found friend. Continued….

The First Impression : It can be defined as, when A meets B for the first time and  A develops a particular image/ picture of B as a person on basis of either his behavior, appearance or other environmental aspects at the time of their encounter or interaction.

Story no. 1

When Arak met with Raks, he inquired about his behavior towards his Father that day.. Raks said, ” Oh ! that, actually my Father is very ill nowadays.. Doctor has advised him to stay away from sweet and spicy Food.. but he never listens to me.. ”

Story no. 2

Arak got ready for his First day at his Job. On reaching there, he met his Interviewer. To his surprise, the Interviewer, Mr Sinha, was dressed up today in very stylish formals. After spending his half day, when he went for Lunch with his new Colleagues, he tried to know about Mr Sinha. They told him that he is one of the best dressed person of their company. He then hesitantly asked about the scene on the day of his Interview. He was told that, on that day we had a Tree Plantation Activity in our office premises. There he just spoiled his shirt, and it was not pre-decided that he had to take the Interview. So that explains all.

Story no. 3

Anjni invited Shravanika to her home. They started chatting. Anjni told her that she has been undergoing treatment of Tuberculosis. And she always feels weak and cant memorize things recently. This is the reason that she was getting absent from School so frequently. Anjni also told her that she was a very bright student up to std 7th. She enjoyed a good status in class; now it seems to be a thing of past and she considers it a Golden Period now, which is lost. And she also feels very strange, when things are not under her control. Earlier than that, she never had to put much efforts to perform good at studies; in fact nowadays she had to study much more than her earlier days.

So, these are few incidents that describe that how forming a Permanent-Judgement about a person just because of few factors may be wrong. Though it is a human tendency to make a quick perception about others, but one must also learn not to make it permanent which may emotionally hurt people later on. Infact, this may even embarrass the person who has a habit of making quick perception about others; if the person is mature enough, he may feel bad within, but if not, he may publicly get embarrassed among others.

Many interviewers consider First Impression as the last Impression, which sometimes may lead to rejection of few good candidates as well.It may even happen in day to day  life as as well.

So one must think twice before making a Permanent Impression of others.

Movie (Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola) – my views..

I Watched this very Simple, cute, Funny, yet a Meaningful Project by Vishal Bharadwaj.. Well to me, movies seem to be a kind of project, for which a team works to do lots of planning ( working on a idea, turning it into a story, working on small concepts, arranging the resources required by story)  and management; inorder to assure its 99% success(rest 1% is upto the Audience, a crucial point that can make a Movie a success or a failure in terms of Monetary benefits)…

MKBKM represents a Collective picture of Rural & Urban India.. How a single piece of Land may mean different things to a Village person and a City person.. Thus Sharing a common platform,the Indian Villager, the  African Villager, the Corporate person, the Politician, Youth of today…. All together it turns out to be a beautiful movie..

This movie includes many things prevailing in current scenario in India… A man ( the Key Person) having Split moods – 1. Rude, Stone heart, Intelligent and Complete Businessman 2. Simple, Soft Heart, Intelligent, Practical and cutely stupid.. – this character thus explains the mindset of certain people who cannot listen to their heart normally while taking important decisions.

A youth of today ( 3 types) – 1. the Revolutionist.. who is intelligent, practical, yet emotional… having good understanding of the problems ( and its solutions too) faced by the Weaker group(the Villagers who are Simple minded and are being fooled by the Business group and the Politicians).. thus holds the torch of enlightenment to show the truth.. 2. the one living a false life by not listening to heart, yet a caring person for the weaker group.. but gradually comes to confront the truth and self.. 3. The ambitious one- can do anything for progress of self by just falsely presenting himself in front of others..

Movie also shows how rich people use poor ones(buying Africans without their knowledge that they have sold themselves;just to get the Live Folk African Music for 30 long years) for their Entertainment-I related it to the Slavery System that still prevails in this World despite of all kind of revolutions & debates carried out to curb this ill from world….. then the UFO thing with media’s involvement at such times.. the Conspiracy of the stronger group to harm the Crops of weaker ones;where the weaker ones use their own simple ways to fight them using the Gobar Weapons… these things are depicted with such a humor that you will automatically get a smile on your lips..

The Plight of Indian Farmers in  rainy season has been shown by using a full song.. during this song i started thinking that really this problem is so big in India and must be looked upon by responsible people.. It will thus help in resolving the problem of shortage of grains, thus by avoiding its wastage.. Farmers who put in all their efforts and money to grow their crops, become so helpless due to unseen nature destruction.. After all, Farmers are the one who give us bread to eat.. How can they be ignored..

A little Love story also happens taking Shakespeare’s Lines, beneath the War, that emerges between the Farmers fighting for their land to earn their livelihood, and the Businessman who dreams of growing a Jungle of Concrete on their lands to live his dream..

finally the key person comes face to face with reality, and without taking any other means to let out what his heart says,
takes a tough and strong stand, thus making it a happy ending for the villagers and himself too..

Dry day, Psychology of a human beings,Corporate world politics – playing with the Indian Government System & style;Farmers; Corporate for self interest, Typical Rich people, glimpse of slavery system, Mocking few silly Media ways( however nowadays our media has evolved to take a Sincere Role in India) situation of Indian farmers, a little flirting, a little romance..

Plus in very simple way, serious issue like Rich and Poor marriage & Honor Killing were also mentioned in the most simplistic and humorous ways by just mentioning the names…The Pink Buffalo also plays an important role and adds more fun to the movie..

I found this movie really good, a Big serious issue was presented in such a way that it seemed to go on serious note at one point, but then suddenly, turned out to be a Comedy.. So i term this movie as a Serious & Emotional Comedy.. Really Appreciative Work..

The Need Theory

Once upon a time, a man named Arak was left on an Island. He was all alone and had no one around. 2 days passed and he managed to find a source of drinking water to quench his thirst and various fruits to fight hunger.

He also found a safe place so as to keep himself safe from any wild animals who may come out of nowhere unexpectedly..

After having his basic needs fulfilled he then searched for sign of any Human so that he could at least speak to them. Obviously, which Human being can think of living all alone on his own with no one around. He started to feel as if he would have to spend the rest of his life all alone on that Lonely Island. This made him really sad.

But one day, to his surprise he saw a Plane descending with a high speed towards the small river he had found. He ran towards it at a fast pace, just to see what is going on. He reached there and found a group of people who had fall off. He was extremely happy to have found them. He quickly helped all of them to come out of the river and offered them fruits when they had settled down after encountering such an accident. Arak then enthusiastically started conversing with the group of people about how did all that occur. What Arak found was really strange that the Pilots could not see such an island on their route in the Map. Now everyone was partially sad as no one could trace their location; But happy too, as they all were together and had found a Human who had alraedy survived their on his Own.

Now they all started to live together and thus formed a small village. As Arak was the one who  knew each and every corner of the Jungle, he guided everyone to build Shelter.

Time flew away quickly and the Village flourished, and by this time Arak had earned a good status and reputation as he was the one who found the Island for the first time; he also enjoyed the Star Status gifted by others… One day Arak was  walking through the Jungle, thinking about a little word-fight with one of his Fellow Mate, then to divert his flow of thoughts, he started thinking, how much his fellows respected and loved him. He was passing through a Tree where a rabbit had its Shelter. He was looking at it from few days. The rabbit was running around and suddenly a lightening struck the ground where the rabbit was sitting few seconds back. The rabbit had actually escaped from the Claws of death.

Arak at once got shocked, wondering, what if i would experience a quick death, without getting a single chance of justifying my actions that were considered incorrect by my loved ones…

He at once started realizing that Have I Reached My Full Potential as a Person, did i make my Life complete and worthy enough that i would have no regrets, remorse or incomplete tasks when i would encounter a Sudden death, it should be a peaceful one…

This story doesn’t end here… Arak went back, patched up with his mate. He promised to self that he would now not think of just enjoying the Status that was built on his past good deeds, but would now help everyone and would work for their welfare as well so as to bring out the best person in him… Thus he decided to go in search of Salvation of his Soul… He now needed to achieve Self Actualization… As he had already achieved the things that he needed in his life.. Social Security, Companionship, Love and Affection,Recognition… And now he needed to discover the reason for his existence…

This Story presents a clear Picture of Human Psychology and various level of needs … Unlike Arak, there are People who stand on different level of needs or a certain need may be more important to a person than the other… Based on the Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, I have developed few Examples defining that Upto a certain extent, We can analyse behavior of People by understanding the kind of needs to which they are stuck onto..

Basic and Safety Needs : People who dont have their very basic essentials fulfilled that is “Roti Kapda aur Makaan” would obviously be stuck onto achieve that only….Nowadays, various MNCs focus on fulfilling basic and safety needs of Employees by providing them ample breaks, various coupons , Flexible working hours, safe work environment, beautiful work places. This keeps a majority of employees happy and contended , as their major desires are fulfilled.This also helps an Organization in building their brand image as well.

Social Needs : Honor Killings, Teenagers getting into bad habits or crime are the examples of People to whom Social Needs are more important.. They want to be a part of the society, their peers, or a particular Cool type group and thus start behaving in the same way as they would want them to, so as to get themselves included into the desired group.

Esteem Needs : People who are stuck onto Esteem Needs would go for building up their image in the eyes of everyone by projecting , I have everything by going for all Luxury kind of things, inorder to acquire a High Status.  People engage themselves into Ego games also; Few Rich and Effluent People show off by throwing Grand parties on various occasions……Or else People Show of in some another way as well. People also engage into either Good plus legal activities; or Bad plus illegal activities in-order to gain Fame or Money respectively.

Self Actualization : And People who have already realized that there is more to be achieved or gained rather than just to Crave for Worldly Pleasures move ahead, breaking all the boundaries in-order to help Humanity rise above. Or else it can be Individual Specific; a person would dream of becoming a best player or Ideal Parent or a person may wish to work for his Self Satisfaction and not just money…. Few Rich People lie in this category who do  not believe in spending life luxuriously and Believe in “Simple Living and High Thinking”

The Guy Arak in above Story depicts a very simple story wherein a Man moves from one to another level and finally realizes Truth of his Life; which would be different for different people depending on his Values, Desires and Needs…